We have a devoted team that works hard to make every wedding a dream come true. As custodians of the great Indian wedding traditions, we make sure that our weddings never fail to draw inspiration from our client’s persona and lifestyle, creating memorable moments on the special day. From the start to the end of the day, our wedding planners assist in every area to deliver the best services and make the day truly exceptional. We know that the Indian wedding needs to be especially well planned and our team goes to extraordinary lengths to surpass all your expectations.

Our experts provide services that range from creating exquisitely designed customized wedding cards to splendid décor with exclusive floral designs. Our planner’s guidance is assured right from the beginning; from selecting the venue to selecting vendors such as bridal makeup artists, designers, photographers, be it anything, we will keep working until everything is made picture-perfect.

We are passionate to create the wedding of your dreams by offering our professional touch and creative services all along the way. From the start to the end of the day, our wedding planners assist in every area to deliver the best services and make the day truly exceptional. We make sure that our team goes to extraordinary lengths to surpass all your expectations.

We design a lovely setting for your wedding venues with stunning interiors. Moreover, our elaborate décor with vivid floral design will add to the vibrant ambiance. We offer services in reception venue designs as well as decors for the Sangeet ceremony, Mehendi function, and Pre-wedding ceremonies. We manage every event dedicatedly to provide unforgettable experiences on the special day that’ll stay in your memory forever.

We help our clients to conceptualize a theme for the wedding venue as elegant themes can give a perfect finish to the decoration. We provide the necessary inputs to translate your dreams into reality. We make the perfect arrangement for the venue by using beautiful flowers and colors to fulfill your vision of the wedding. We will help you transform the venue into a dream paradise by giving emphasis to your style and imagination. With enchanting lighting design and a classy theme, we help you design and make the celebration truly exceptional.

Hospitality is something we consider the heart of an event and thus an important part in our services. The guests are welcomed with a generous reception and they are entertained satisfactorily in any event. Coming to Indian weddings, we
welcome guests in traditional Indian style with garlands, aarti, and drinks. As soon as the guests enter their rooms, they are further provided welcome baskets and letters to kindle a warm feeling. What’s more, we can arrange the necessary
travel and hotel bookings as well. Services for airport and railway station pickups are well provided and we provide assistance with check-ins and a hospitality desk set up exclusively for the guests.

Entertainment is an important aspect of a wedding ceremony that keeps the whole function engaging. We provide options such as DJs, MCs, live music, or a performance by contemporary/ traditional dancers, etc. We also give assistance in setting up the stage for the entertainment programme and also arrange custom lighting systems and high-quality sound systems as per the requirement. By understanding the demands of the clients and keeping up with the latest trends,
we deliver entertainment services that go well with the clients as well as the audience.

Photographs are the Source of memories through which you can revisit your special moments. Photo albums and wedding videos have a great impact on wedding ceremonies and we help you create wonderful shots for the wedding album by including creative ideas like silhouettes, romantic lifts, joy-jumps, stop-motion etc. Our variety wedding albums come in the form of storybook albums, coffee table books, and candid photo books, etc. and we provide complete support to make the wedding video as innovative as possible.

The bride and groom entry is one of the highlights of the wedding event and everyone looks forward to it. It’s when all the real fun begins and when the bride and groom make a grand entry to the venue; it is indeed a spectacular sight. We
provide amazing ideas for making the bride and groom entry enchanting and assist them with the most important walk of their life through setting classic themes. There are many lovely themes such as walking on ramp lit by diyas, traditional dancers making a formation to welcome bride and groom. You can even compile a list of favorite songs to be played as background score. Though weddings are made in heaven, we’ll help you plan it well. We have plenty of
designs after all choice is yours, you just give us your idea of a grand entry, and we’ll help you make your vision come true.